96 Hodgson Rd #2, Fredericton, NB E3C 2G4
Ph: (506) 450-4382
96 Hodgson Rd #2, Fredericton, NB E3C 2G4
Ph: (506) 450-4382

Pat Corkum

Pat Corkum

Elite Trainer and TRX Head Coach


I opened up Dynamic Training Centre because I wanted to make a change in peoples lives for the better and promote fitness. I have been directly involved in the fitness industry since Dec 2007 and indirectly since Oct 1997 and have seen too many individuals healthy, unhealthy, and injured not get the help that they needed or wanted for various reasons. I am a fitness instructor and I teach sports inspired and martial arts inspired cardio workouts and a variety of hi-low impact classes. If you are someone that has never worked out, have any type of injury or limitation preventing you from exercising and getting active, or you are just looking for someone to give you that extra push to get you to the next level, then I am the Coach for you. I specialize in TRX Suspension Training and TRX RIP Training allowing me to target every part of your body with a focus on core stability to help prevent injuries and injury rehabilitation.

TRX Coach Ranking

Gray – Elite TRX Trainer – This highly active TRX CORE Trainer has completed a variety of Level 1, 2, and 3 TRX Professional Education Courses and has the skills to prove it!

TRX Qualifications

  • TRX Team Training Camps : Level 3
  • TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course : Level 2
  • TRX Force Suspension Training Course (Military Tactical Conditioning): Level 2
  • TRX Function Training Course : Level 1
  • TRX Group RIP Training Course : Level 1
  • TRX RIP Training Course : Level 1
  • TRX Group Suspension Training Course : Level 1
  • TRX Suspension Training Course : Level 1
  • TRX Trainer Basics Digital Course
  • TRX Training for Active Seniors
  • TRX Instructor Summit: Baltimore, MD, USA 2015

Other Professional Qualifications

  • Extreme Equipment-LESS Bootcamp
  • Insanity Live Certification
  • BOSU HIIT Extreme
  • 101 Ways to BOSU!
  • P90X Live Certification
  • Body Training Systems : Group Fight
  • Les Mills : Body Combat
  • Les Mills : Body Attack
  • Standard and Emergency First Aid, CPR, AED

Adventure Race Finisher

  • Rushwood: Saint-Edouard-de-Maskinonge, QC, Sept 2016
  • Mud Man X: New Windsor, NY, July 2016
  • Titan Challenge: Fredericton, NB, June 2016
  • Boston Muckfest: Boston, MA, May 2016
  • Blizzard Blast: Lowell, MA, Jan 2016
  • Mud Hero: Halifax, NS, July 2015
  • MudCraft: Gore, NS, June 2015
  • Bone Frog: Charlemont, MA, May 2015
  • Boston Muckfest: Boston, MA, April 2015
  • Polar Hero: Quebec City, QC, March 2015
  • Prison Break Race: Val D’Irene, QC, Sept 2014
  • Spartan Sprint: Halifax, NS, July 2014
  • Tough Mudder: Boston, MA, June 2013