96 Hodgson Rd #2, Fredericton, NB E3C 2G4
Ph: (506) 450-4382
96 Hodgson Rd #2, Fredericton, NB E3C 2G4
Ph: (506) 450-4382

DTC Affiliation

Dynamic Training Centre Affiliate Program

Dynamic Training Centre has revolutionized small and large group personal training with a solid foundation in TRX Suspension Training and TRX RIP Training.  This has made Dynamic Training Centre so unique from other training studio’s and large commercial “big box” gyms.  

Dynamic Training Centre is not a franchise and never will become one.  We believe that each individual who operates a fitness studio should be able to oversee their own investment and be proud of what they have accomplished.  This approach will differentiate DTC between the large fitness chains and commercial gyms.  Each Affiliate will have their own area of expertise or methodology that he or she believes in.  

How you become an Affiliate

The affiliation process begins by writing a basic short essay.  This essay should have info on the following questions.  What your background and fitness background is, why you want to become a DTC Affiliate and what it means to you, a proposed DTC name, and club location.  This does not have to be a formal essay, just speak your mind.  Email essay to pat@dynamictrainingcentre.ca


The renewable annual fee for the licensed use of the “DTC Dynamic Training Centre” name and brand is $3,500+tax.  This gives you the right to market and promote your DTC TRX training and classes.

Minimum DTC Affiliate Requirements

We require the primary applicant to have a minimum Level 1 TRX Qualification course or the TRX Trainer Basics Digital Course.   The TRX Trainer Basics Digital Course is offered through trxtraining.com and the coach evaluation can be done on site at DTC Fredericton.

Once you are accepted and become a DTC Affiliate, your domain name will be purchased and forwarded to you.  You will need to have a fully functional website so we can link to your site to help promote you therefore, we expect you maintain a good site.

DTC TRX BootCamp:   This is an effective TRX training program designed by and only available at Dynamic Training Centre locations or it’s affiliates.  This program is suited for all levels of fitness, all ages from youth to senior citizen and most injuries and/or limitations.  This camp continuously changes so members do not get bored and keeps members engaged and interested with new and exciting exercises, different movement patterns and combinations from camp to camp.