Lisa Walsh


Every single class pushed my body a little further than the class before. Each week though, my muscles ached less and less and I was able to do an extra row here, a few extra lunges there, and finally pump out those hamstring curls (oh, those hamstring curls!).

I've been overweight most of my life and always let my fear of the gym stop me from leading an active lifestyle.  About a year and half ago, I finally decided to work on losing some extra "university" weight.  When I walked into DTC I was down almost 30lbs, but wasn't seeing or feeling much different.  I needed to get movingand TRX was my opportunity to do so.  Those six weeks seemed to fly by; this isn't to say classes were easy.

After completing my first bootcamp, I stepped on the scale and was a bit disappointed; only down a few pounds. Then Pat asked, “Are you seeing any changes?” I thought for a second and realized, “Yeah, I am!” I have biceps for the first time in my life (real solid muscle); I can feel my abdominal muscles (not just when they hurt); I can clearly distinguish my ankle from my calf (no more cankles!). None of which I’ve been able to admit to before. Most of all: I feel strong, I feel healthy and have loads of energy!

Almost 6 months of TRX later, and my scale weight may not be the 20 lbs lighter I envisioned (yet!), and I may not be 30 inches smaller, but I feel the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever felt! Working out with Pat at DTC, I’ve developed more confidence in my own abilities. I’ve learned that even when my mind says stop, I usually have 3, sometimes even 5, more reps left. Most of all, I’ve learned that I need to make active living a priority and make time to fit fitness into my week.