DTC Affiliation


Group Personal Training Rates

Yearly Membership Options

Elite Membership: $70.00 + tax bi-weekly (unlimited access plus 2 personal training sessions per month)

Elite Couples Membership: $105.00 + tax bi-weekly (unlimited access plus 4 personal training sessions per month)

(Most Popular) Premium Membership: $37.50 + tax bi-weekly (unlimited access)

Couples Premium Membership: $58.50 + tax bi-weekly (unlimited access)

Basic Membership:  $25.50 + tax bi-weekly ( Tuesday and Thursday access only)

**please note that all yearly memberships have a $99.00 +tax cancellation policy within the first year**

Monthly Membership Options

1 Month Membership: $90.00 +tax  (does not include evening TRX Bootcamp class)

3 Month Membership:  $256.50 + tax (5% savings)

6 Month Membership:   $486.00 +tax (10% savings)

TRX Bootcamp: $120.00 +tax (6 week program)

TRX Bootcamp Unlimited: $150.00 +tax (6 week program)

10 Class Punch Card: $100.00 +tax

Day Pass: $15.00


Open Gym Memberships (gym only)

Yearly Membership: $16.50 + tax bi-weekly     

1 Month Membership: $40.00 + tax 

3 Months Membership: $114.00 + tax (5% savings)

6 Months Membership: $216.00 + tax (10% savings)

*Please note Open Gym Memberships does not include group training* 

Personal Training Rates

Equipped Trainer: $35.00/hr + tax,  $22.50/30min + tax     

Advanced Trainer: $40.00/hr + tax, $25.00/30 min + tax

Elite Trainer: $45.00/hr + tax, $27.50/30 min + tax

Master Trainer: $50.00/hr + tax, $30.00/30 min + tax

Couples Training: Regular training pricing/hr  plus an additional $20.00/hr +tax  

Small Group Training: Regular training fee plus an additional $10.00/hr +tax  for each additional person (minimum 3 people)

TRX 6X6 Combo Pack: $285 +tax which includes 6 private sessions and 6 group sessions (discount of %5)

TRX 10X10 Combo Pack:  $450 +tax which included 10 private sessions and 10 group sessions (discount of 10%)

Customized Training Program: starting at $35/hr+tax (pricing varies due to personal goals) This is a program that you take and train on your own.

Dicounted Personal Training Rates: 20-35 session - 5% discount, 36-60 sessions - 10% discount, 61 or more sessions - 15%.  Monthly payment options are available as well.

DTC Nutrition Rates

Nutritional Coaching Sessions: $45/hr + tax

Total Body Reset: $65+tax

Plant Based Reset: $65 +tax

Customized Meal Plan: $85+tax

TRX Suspension Trainer and TRX Rip Trainer Rental Rates

Daily Rate: $10/day +tax

Weekend Rate: $25 +tax (pick up after 12:00pm on Thursday and returned on Monday)

Weekly Rate: $35 + tax


Commercial Solutions

6 Hour On-Site TRX Workshop: $300+ tax includes up to 150km, additional mileage charges $0.69/km may apply.  Workshop will cover the following:
Components, set up and anchoring of the TRX Suspension Trainer
6 Body Positions
6 Procedures
Principles of Progression
TRX 6 Sins
Coaching Correction
Practical component with up to 31 TRX Exercises
Partner Practice and Coaching